Endurance,Flexibility and Strength based Physical Fitness or Bodycare

Fitdeals.in provides specialised body fitness by using Strength,Endurance and Flexibilty based exercises to relieve body related issues like being overweight, high sugar levels, low pressure, heart conditions, and stroke.
Professional Experts at fitdeals ensure tailored workouts and meal plans.
Express sessions to understand every individual’s Body Type.

About Body Fitness

Internet has overhyped the idea of fitness ,being fit doesn’t mean huge muscles that’s called “Professional Body Building”.Body or Physical fitness consists of two main components.
Health Related Body fitness ,It comprises of Power,Muscleendurance,flexibility,cardio and body composition.
Skill Related Body Fitness ,It has Body Balance,Coordination,Speed,ReactionTime,PhysicalAgility.Atfitdeals we work on both of these components to give you a tailored workout based on your bodytype.

Why Body Fitness is Must?

As per WHO insufficient physically active people have 20-30% more risks of serious illness or deaths compared to physically fit people.A report by AHA Journal states that 1 in 4 deaths in India is due to Cardio Vescular Diseases and heart diseases and strokes contributing greater than 80% .Body fitness can prevent cardiovascular diseases ,cancer and diabetes .At fitdeals our programs reduce symptoms of depression,anxiety and we ensure healthy growth and development in young population.

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