Naturally brewed ginger and lemon goodness with the healing power of Haldi.
Refreshingly bright with a cooling zing, revive, refresh and boost up your immunity with the healing properties of turmeric, ginger and lemon. Packed with vitamins and nutrients it is a treat for the senses and it’s all good!
Precision brewed over 3 days in small batches. Made with a little magic using simple and pure ingredients – Ginger, Turmeric, Lemon and Cane Sugar, it has no preservatives, no concentrates, no additives, no high fructose corn syrup and no chemicals.
With only 4gms of sugar (per 100 ml) this is the healthiest carbonated beverage of its kind.
Third Culture Sparkling Haldi – When you want the best for yourself and your family.

Nutrition Facts ( per 100ml)  
Total Calories 34 Cal
Carbohydrate 8g
Sugar 4g
Fat 0
Protein 0.5g
Potassium 14mg
Magnesium 16mg
Iron 11.5mg
Calcium 3mg